WyzePal: Education

OBE tends to take a holistic view on how learning should happen as emphasis is placed on the context in which learning occurs as well as the personal attributes of the learner. Even though the educational authorities claim to take this into consideration when advocating principles of OBE in policy documents, they disregard the actual reality of many learners sitting in the classroom. Nicole Byers,

Wyzepal took an initiative to get involved in the challenges  faced by the community in the education sector.

It is of great importance that we advance in Science and Math to meet the ever fast growing technology and dynamic industries. This is why WyzePal has chosen to offer online tutoring classes for these learning areas. Students are encouraged to participate in Study-Science  and Study-Math classes wholly owned and managed by WyzePal.
To ensure that the students are getting all the necessary help they need, WyzePal has gone to an extent of getting professionals in the higher education level to deliver the tutorials. These include MSc and PhD holders, among those, we have Doctor Moyo Fortunate, from Midlands state university, and MSc graduate Bozolana Christie and others from reputable Universities, including University of the Witwatersrand. 
All this work is aimed at improving not only the results of grade 12 learners in their National exams by the end of the year, but also the quality of Basic Education in general. We see so much potential in the uprising young stars, and they need all the help to unleash their potential and capacity to be better.