Re: WyzePal (Business Support)

Business communities, start-ups, inventors, entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors, we heard you. In response to your queries and suggestion of creating a place not only to learn for academic purposes but also for business purposes, we hereby announce and/or bring to you Africa-Rise.

We have constructed this special Organization to help you with the entire process of changing an idea and/or a side hustle into a business you dream it could be. We also know that as a Founder, you are probably doing a job that should be done by 2 or more people. Africa-Rise is designed to accommodate such people. Our list of streams, range from how to pin-pointing a viable partner for your business, hiring employees, to legal assistance, and many more, you can see that our commitment is to help you succeed.

We also know that we have a good number of SMMES and side hustles that are founded and/or managed by people with low to no formal education, however, your efforts are kipping Africa alive, we applaud your efforts and we are willing to help you grow.

Please join us and let us steal a page the American President (” Let’s make Africa Great Again”). Africa the cradle of human-kind