Exciting new WyzePal-Realm, for some time we have been listen to our community telling of the dreams to improve their lives. Well we know we can not attend to all the issues or have solutions to all of them. But as WyzePal we have now found a way to tackle some of these big issues.

For most of the new upcoming entrepreneurs, they have their big dreams and only for them to be crushed when they reach the real world. This is mainly because we have no education structure that support our nation in knowing more of the how to do business successfully. It rather trains us to be employees to some company and when this route fails us, we have very little knowledge of how to approach the alternatives. So WyzePal is presenting a platform where those who have been successful in swimming with the sharks share their knowledge and expertise to keep the new people
alive. Our businesses now not only have the potential to thrive, but they will have the support system they need. Who knows, you could even get yourself a business couch.